101 IDEAS for decoration, don’t miss out!

Like tips for your home? Since today you will see over a hundred! Enjoy: With creativity, you can leave the House even more beautiful and comfortable (Photo: Photo Carlos Cubi | Image reporter Mario Samanthamaddin Thanks Be

IKEA’s advice for your kitchen

IKEA has just presented its new range of kitchens METOD, developed to create your custom dream kitchen, regardless of size their division. With thousands of different combinations of cabinets, doors and drawers, it’s never been easier to

Salty pools: the swimming pools of the 21st century

In recent years began to arise quite often looking for options vis-à-vis the common treatment of chlorinated water. The most popular (and economic) of choices is the salt electrolysis, a process that transforms the particles of salt,

Turn the walls to slate frames

My son just turned two years old, and at the top of their maturity and discovery the world remember, every day, to ‘ recycle ‘ something. We’re past the stage of scratching the lambrim from the dining

How to have a super organized kitchen

If there’s room in the House that should be neat and organized is the kitchen. Food mixed with the dishes, more cleaners, cloths and hand towels, with appliances and beverages to mixes, in a kind of ‘